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3 Food Grade Supplements That Help Clear Detoxification Pathways

When it comes to being active and having a fit body nothing is more important than the foods and supplements we intake on daily basis. For athletes their constant care for their body plays a key role in their lives, which is why they are always seeking the best treatments, habits and solutions.

One treatment that has become especially popular in the past few years is the process of detoxing the body to restore its health and vitality. Detoxing is based on using natural alternatives to get rid of carcinogens and toxins regularly carried in the air we breath and in the food we eat.

While the process of detoxification can be safely done through juicing and following a natural diet there are also natural supplements that can help speed up the cleansing of the body and return its natural vitality. One of these supplements that have been widely associated with ridding the body of toxic metabolic waste is a silica based supplement which is derived from ancient seashell fossils of Diatoms.

Diatoms are oceanic unicellular shells and algae in the earth’s surface that form a sedimentary mineral known as diatomaceous earth. The mineral contains up to 85% silica, which is the main reason why it offers many important benefits. Diatomaceous earth is a thick white siliceous powder that is rich in a variety of minerals. The formation of diatoms took place over 30 million years ago and the remains are normally discovered through mining. This article will highlight some of the major benefits of diatomaceous earth.

detoxTo begin with, the mineral is an internal cleanser that contributes to more regular bowel movements, which makes is a good natural detoxifier supplement. A side of Silica, Diatomaceous earth contains important minerals like copper, titanium, manganese, boron, iron, sodium and calcium that promotes shinier hair, healthy skin and strong bones.

The abrasiveness of diatomaceous earth plays a key role in controlling intestinal parasites such as viruses and bacteria in livestock especially when it is used in livestock feed. It is common to find heavy metals in foods, drinking water and vaccines, diatomaceous earth is one of the best and safe detoxification agents that one can think of, which is why is so widely use by many athletes. The mineral sucks heavy metal from the digestive system and in the process helps in the overall detoxification of your entire system.

The mild abrasive capacities of diatomaceous earth allow it to be used as a facial scrub and toothpaste. No matter what you are trying to cleanse your body from (alcohol or not) – remember the importance can not be lost or forgotten.

Diatomaceous earth helps when it comes to optimal absorption of important minerals; this is attributed to the fact that silica is water-soluble.

Additional Diatomaceous Earth Benefits


diatomaceous earth powderThe absorption properties of diatomaceous earth make it a very good natural insecticide for farmers. Insects are completely dehydrated by this mineral and their exoskeleton completely destroyed. The mineral can also be used to de-worm pets in a non-toxic way but it is advisable to use medical-grade diatomaceous earth. It is always a good idea to have your cat litter in its natural form and diatomaceous earth is a good option.

This mineral can neutralize toxic pills and it is good to know that most disease control centers recommend it. Most natural masks and facial products contain diatomaceous earth as a major ingredient because of its ability to absorb oil. Another great thing about diatomaceous earth is that the mineral has no major side effects.

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