7 Fun Facts About Gift Cards

Gift cards have been around for some time now, and increase in popularity daily. People love the ease of giving a the cards for the holidays, the chance to purchase an e-card online, and the ability to pick and choose whatever they’d like for the recipient of a card. But, there’s so much more to gift cards than most people know or have even thought about before. But now, you’ll learn seven important, yet fun, facts about these cards. Are you ready to increase your knowledge?

1- Check Your Balance

You can easily and quickly check your gift card balance of a card that you currently hold using an online system. The service is free to use, of course, and quickly accesses your balance from one of hundreds of different stores. Now, forgetting how much of a gift card balance you have is a thing of the past.

2- Great for Holiday Gift Giving

When it is time to purchase a gift for someone you love’s special occasion, it is never an easy task. You want to select a gift that they do not own already, they will use and that they will enjoy, but with such an endless selection of goods, narrowing down the choices isn’t so simple. You can gift the recipient a gift card and always rest assured you’ve given them a great gift.

3- A Large Number

Don’t feel alone in your purchase of a gift card. These cards are very popular for gift-giving and many other occasions, having raked in more than $160 billion in sales in 2015. Yes, that does include a B!

4- Cards, Card, Everywhere Cards

Few retailers do not offer their own gift card. Whether you’re looking for sporting goods, sporting memorabilia, items for the home, beauty, fashion, clothing, or something else, there’s a gift card for that. You can choose the amount that you want to add to the card for just-right shipping.

5- Digital Cards Available

gift card balance

Physical gift cards are available for purchase and can be used online or instore. Digital cards are also available and are easier to give to those who shop online, or to use if you’re shopping online. They’re also easier to purchase and immediately available after you’ve paid for the purchase.

6- The Top Number

Although gift cards are available for purchase in various amounts small and large, most people purchase gift cards and add a $25 balance to them. So, in the gift card world, 25 is the magic number! $25 is a nice amount of money for a gift for most on your list, would you agree?

7- Not Just for Women

Ladies love the gift cards, but men love them even more. According to a study, men spend more on gift cards than women, both in giving them and spending them. Sorry, ladies, this is one time that the men win! There’s enough fun to go around, so don’t worry. Everyone can get in on the fun.