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Want better cognitive function? Cocoa Flavanoids could be your answer.

Recently, studies have been conducted regarding cocoa flavanols and their effect on the body and mind. One common misconception that people have is that these valuable items can be gained simply from consuming dark chocolate. Sadly, this is not true and while dark chocolate can taste fantastic, it is actually cocoa flavanols that are good for you and they are not found at the level needed in dark chocolate in order for them to be beneficial.

What are Cocoa Flavanols?

Currently, there is a strong case being made by scientists and nutritionists everywhere encouraging us all to eat more fruits and vegetables. The reason for this increased encouragement? It is believed that many of the elements that help to keep plants healthy can also keep humans healthy as well.

Flavanols are naturally occurring and can be found in a number of items like cherries, teas, chocolate, apples and grapes. However, cocoa flavanols are unique and the exact combinations of nutrients that are found in these types are not found anywhere else in nature.

These items were discovered long ago and have been enjoyed since the beginning. They originally were placed into drinks and were believed to contain some amazing powers to restore the body. Because of this, they gained quite a reputation as being the food of the gods and can be dated all the way back to the Aztec way of life.

What can they do?

One of the most important parts of remaining health is taking care of your circulatory system. This item is often overlooked when preparing for a healthy lifestyle, but it is extremely important because of the complexity of the blood vessels, capillaries and arteries that our bodies are made up of.

These critical components of the human body run from your head to your toes and measure 60,000 miles if they were to be stretched out. They are responsible for maintaining the health of your heart, brain, muscles, skin, eyes and the amount of exercise that you can accomplish.

However, as we age, these blood vessels lose their flexibility and are not able to expand as they once were. This makes it important to focus on our circulatory health as we age so that we remain healthy and are able to age well.
Research is now showing that cocoa flavanols can help improve the health of our circulatory system and can help keep our arteries flexible as we age. Daily use is now suggested and there are a number of supplements that have been created with these cocoa Flavanols that help to improve our oxygen flow and help the body to receive the amount of nutrients that it needs to function at the best level.

Recent Studies

Most recently, studies have been released that show the benefits that people have seen from adding cocoa flavanols to their diet in regards to their memory. Participants in the study saw major improvements in this area and have provided some amazing results that scientists are very interested in.

Probably the most interesting portion of these studies is the fact that results have been pouring in from multiple independent labs that have all been providing the same type of results. One study in particular began to show changes after as little as 2 to 3 hours after consuming cocoa flavanols. Blood flow was increased in older adults and they were able to see improvements in their overall brain function, even when fatigued or sleep deprived.
Currently, there is a need for these studies to be conducted on a larger scale so that we can learn the benefits that cocoa flavanols hold on a wide scale population. The studies that have been conducted this far have been conducted on a small range of older adults and there are many things that need to be considered in relation to consuming the products.


There are many supplements that can be purchased online that contain cocoa flavanols and they are quickly growing in popularity. They are quickly becoming a favorite for those who are looking to improve their health, especially the health of their memory.

If you are considering beginning a flavanol supplement, it is a good idea to discuss your options with your doctor so that you will be able to determine exactly how they will affect you and which options are the best for you and your needs. Your doctor will be able to help you compare the different brands and help you learn which one has the best possibility of helping your health the most.

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